LGL-Platinium 40:90 Series HydroStone

A versatile hydroponic system designed for growing in rockwool, pots or both.

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Platinium 40:90 Series HydroStone
Platinium 40:90 Series HydroStone

Platinium HydroStone can be utilized for growing in both rockwool cubes and square pots.

Available in 6, 10, 15, and 30 site setups. These systems include a reservoir, tray, tubing kit, pump, drippers, and easy access reservoir lid.

This system includes a tank and the same tray as the hydrogrower 40, hydrostar 4-6-12-20-30,aerostar 4-6-12-20-30 or aerotop 4-6-12-20-30, as well as the same irrigation system as the hydrostar 4-6-12-20-30 which means that you can change the system at will. This system is versatile, enabling growth in rockwool, or pots, and the 2 can be easily adapted. There is an easy access tank with a detachable hatch and graduated inlet enabling you to quickly view the remaining nutrient solution level; an AQUAVITA pump and an effective irrigation system distributes the nutrient solution directly to the drips which distribute the solution to the rockwool or pots.



Measurements: 35.5”x15”x11″
Reservoir: 10.5gal
Number of sites: 10
Compatible with: Pots 6L – 7”x7”x9″ or Cubes 15×15

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Platinium 40:90 Series HydroStone


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