LGL-NugSmasher OG Extractors Choice


NugSmasher OG Extractors Choice
NugSmasher OG Extractors Choice

The NugSmasher Rosin Extraction System Complete Combo Deal includes:

  • Nugsmasher
  • 6 pkgs of 12 Rosin Extraction Bags
  • 1 Small Collection Plate
  • Silicone Mat
  • Large Round Pre-Press Mold
  • 1 Tool Keeper

6 packs of bags included:

  • 1-3.5g 160 micron,
  • 1-3.5g 120 micron,
  • 1-3.5g 90 micron,
  • 1-7g 160 micron,
  • 1-7g 120 micron,
  • 1-7g 90 micron,
  • unless otherwise specified in the comments at check-out.

For sales information, click the link below:

NugSmasher OG Extractors Choice



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